Hello all and welcome to the 2016 season.

Before begin I would like to first to apologise for not being in constant contact so far this year BUT as a lot of you may have already read and heard is that there have been 2 massive projects that our great little club has been involved in since the end of last season which have taken up so much time that it’s been near impossible to keep up with the day to day running’s of the club, but we have light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Project 1… Is the successful combined State Government grant application with Football South coast (our governing body) culminating in us receiving funding to the tune of close to $1M for the installation of a synthetic main field at our home, Sir Ian MacLennan Park. Big congrats to all involved in this Project as this has been ongoing since April 2014. Yes that’s right we will have the 1st Artificial field in the region and again our club and members will be the ones leading the way for Soccer in the Illawarra.

Project 2… Well, after years of talk and wishful thinking and approx 2 years on and off of lobbying our association and its member clubs (it takes a 75% vote to get approval) we have been granted permission to start our own Juniors, we are the first NEW Junior club to be accepted in our region in 40 years, that’s right we now have players from the age of 6 right through to first grade starting this year.

Ok. Onto the 500 club, firstly I would like to congratulate Zarko Prem for winning the O/S ticket. Congrats Zark from all of the members. Zark even got his Business sign in the Mercury a few times this year and a couple of really clear shots on WIN TV… Best $500 Add ever. ZARK, thank you from all at the Club.

2016 membership and where it is needed. And why you can’t say NO this year!

The 2016 season is already upon us and like I mentioned earlier we have all been a little snowed under so we are running a little behind. This year’s membership will be reverted to the Junior Arm of the Club, South Coast United Juniors. As you can all imagine, the costs and equipment required to start a junior club is a huge one with gear and equipment roughly totalling $20-$25K just to start (some gear we have borrowed for now) so you can see why all of us are needed BUT instead of being just the “500 CLUB”, we will this year ALL officially become the FOUNDATION MEMBERS FOR THE JUNIORS, that’s right you , us, me, we will all be the founding members of a club, something that not many people in their lives can boast about. Secondly, you are also leaving a legacy behind for many generations of players beyond our time. We will have our logo on the front of the shirts as the Major sponsor of the Juniors and we have already started organising a Bronze Plaque to be made with all of our names on it that will be laid on a foundation stone (a big one approx.1m high, the stone that is) up at the field that will read as follows;

South Coast United Juniors Est 2016 by SCUnited 500 CLUB…. Then all of our names in alphabetical order…….(so we don’t have any whiners like our oldies before us lol).

So basically this year’s membership is going directly to the CHILDREN of the club and their footballing future that we/you are all contributing too.

During the course of the year we will also organise some other activities for us all to get together, most likely a golf day or something similar, so we can have a bit of a catch-up, a bit of a laugh and a few drinks as well.

I’ll finish this off by firstly thanking every single one of you guys and gals for being a part of this last year as this is a tremendous help for our club and now for the KIDS, and let me tell you first hand that in all honesty, we could not survive without it, just ask any other committee member. Thank you all and I hope that you are with us again for 2016 and many years to come. This year with the Juniors it becomes a special time in our clubs 32 year history, and we should all be proud to be a part of this.

Thank you all and talk soon.

Brian Butkovic